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Rachel was raised in Southern Oregon and is the daughter of a teacher and a pastor. In her youth, Rachel remembers packing food boxes in the church lobby for families who lost their jobs due to a local sawmill fire, and witnessing firsthand the power of community to help hurting families get their feet back on the ground.


Rachel also grew up witnessing the decline of the timber industry in Southern Oregon. Although the community always came together, it sometimes wasn’t enough. Over the years, Rachel watched as families lost their livelihoods and as funding dried up for important services like education, roads, and public safety.


By the time Rachel graduated high school and left for college, she knew she wanted to serve her community and make a difference by addressing policies in Salem that left rural families behind.

After graduating college, Rachel was hired as a Legislative Assistant in the Oregon Legislature. While there in 2016 and 2017, she helped pass bills relating to jobs, housing, and the rights of foster youth. Rachel helped shepherd a bill to the Governor’s desk that kept families together as part of the Foster Youth Sibling’s Bill of Rights.


She now works at Reed College, and is pursuing her Master’s Degree. Rachel loves living in Warren, Oregon with her husband, stepdaughter, and dog.


She is proud to live in a community where she sees neighbors committed to looking out for each other, and will serve the working families of Senate District 16 in Salem. If appointed, Rachel’s legislative experience will allow her to hit the ground with a focus on jobs and housing.

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